AnyRunner Prize Money
Isn't It Time YOU Turn Pro?

We think it's time road races
the middle and back of the pack. 

We think it's time road races UP THE ANTE on the traditional
"top finishers overall and three deep in the age groups" awards format.

And we think it's time road races BRING A LITTLE MORE FUN FACTOR
to the pursuit of prize money.


So Welcome to
AnyRunner Prize Money™!

In both the Men's 5K and the Women's 5K at the 2011 Syracuse Festival of Races, we're offering runners who've never dreamed of winning performance-based prize money the chance to do exactly that.
And not just one chance; d
ozens of chances!

We've selected and announced twenty-four 2011 AnyRunner Prize Money™ times (twelve for our Men's 5K, and twelve for our Women's 5K).  In our Men's 5K, they are 15:19; 17:19; 19:19; 21:19; 23:19; 25:19; 27:19; 29:19; 31:19; 33:19; 35:19; and 37:19.  In our Women's 5K, they are 17:19; 19:19; 21:19; 23:19; 25:19; 27:19; 29:19; 31:19; 33:19; 35:19; 37:19; and 39:19.  On race morning, the FIRST official finisher recorded in each of the AnyRunner Prize Money™ times, will win $100 in the world's first AnyRunner Prize Money™ road race.

There's no trick here.  SFoR 5K runners can know the AnyRunner Prize Money™ times months before race day.  They can practice running exactly the pace that they're shooting for.  They can wear their watches during the race.  Our race volunteers will still give all of our participants the most accurate splits they can throughout the course.  Runners can have friends all along the course telling them whether they need to speed up or slow down.  Runners can even wait until they see how it's going in the middle of the race to decide which AnyRunner Prize Money™ times they're shooting for.

However, for reasons of safety and fairness (not to mention the rules of the sport), participants MAY NOT impede the progress of any other runner; participants MAY NOT cross the finish line more than once; and participants MAY NOT "kill time" standing, walking, or jogging in place in the finishing stretch.
(Anyone who violates any of these three rules will be subject to disqualification by race officials.)

You just have to be the FIRST official finisher "gun-timed" in
one of
your race's AnyRunner Prize Money™ times.

Please keep in mind that road racing rules stipulate that any fraction of a second is rounded up to the next whole second for official scoring and record-keeping purposes.  For example, if you cross the finish line in 27:18.1, or 27:18.4, or 27:18.7, your official time will be 27:19--and the official results will quite properly place you ahead of someone who crosses in 27:19.00.

Please also be aware that the digital display clock above the finish line will display the approximate "gun time," but it will not be precisely synchronized with the official gun time for the race.  Thus, the digital clock above the finish line won't be a precise indicator of anyone's finish time.

And please keep in mind that prize money is for being the first to be "gun-timed" in exactly the announced AnyRunner Prize Money™ times.  No prize money will be awarded for an AnyRunner Prize Money™ time at which we have no official finisher.

You can read more about AnyRunner Prize Money™ at our AnyRunner Prize Money™ Questions & Answers page.

Those points noted, go ahead and be the FIRST to finish in your chosen AnyRunner Prize Money™ time, and you'll head home from the Syracuse Festival of Races as one of the world's first winners of
AnyRunner Prize Money

 After all,

Isn't It Time YOU Turn Pro?